We’ve talked about the adorable stubbornness of Japanese breeds before but this is probably the most surprisingly human of all the examples.

We don’t know what exactly the owner did to deserve being ignored but this dog’s execution of the silent treatment is stone cold flawless. He displays perfect self control in front of the ball which would probably be too much for most other dogs to resist.

Every time the owner throws the ball towards the dog, he looks the other way and pretends not to notice it, even peppering the act with a bit of side eye. Savage.

Although in the end the dog was probably not in a bad mood. According to the video description, the shibe was simply just not in the mood to play that day and was satisfied with a pat on his tummy instead. A happy ending for all!

The dog’s name is Tetsu-kun and more videos of his human-like antics can be found on the YouTube channel panda chan. Like his discovery that sunglasses can block the glare from the sun.

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By - Jess.