Last month the International Shark Film Festival took place in Tokyo proving there’s a solid Japanese fanbase for the one of the most blood-thirsty of movie niches. Shark B-movies.

Classics of the genre such as Jaws and Sharknado have given the world many over the top tropes. One of the most memorable is the shark hanging off a person’s limb as they try to bite it off.

Now hardcore shark-lovers can create one of these iconic scenes for themselves with the shark-shaped hugging pillow, which will be sold at Village Vanguard in Japan, a store which sells a wide selection of cool and bizarre items. The cuddly shark has an open mouth where you can insert body parts or whatever items you want, to make it appear as if it's about to be ingested.

The designers of the hugging pillow went through a process of trial and error to achieve the optimum balance between realism and huggability. These sharks are sleek, but nevertheless soft and squeezable, and you can take your pick from blue or grey. Village Vanguard are also advertising the versatility of the item, is it trying to eat your leg? Your arm? Your head? Your dog? The possibilities are endless.

These adorable underwater predators are limited edition and only sold in Village Vanguard in Japan. You can also hunt it down on the Village Vanguard online store.

By - Jess.