Nissin Cup Noodle is no stranger to creative promotional campaigns. In the past, the college student appetite saving noodle maker has comically over-sized Ultima Weapon forks from Final Fantasy, and even went to the lengths of making a short-anime sequel to Studio Ghibli's Kiki’s Delivery Service. Now Nissin is releasing a gag T-shirt that makes it appear as if you are constantly eating Cup Noodle brought to life by fan support. The shirt is doubly confusing if you happen to actually be eating.

The shirt, although not previously sold, was originally posted on Nissin Cup Noodle social media accounts last year as part of there "If this gets a lot of likes, we'll actually make it" series, a series which previously brought to life these creative shopping bags.

The shirts will be available at Japanese oddity and bookstore shop Village Vanguard's online store, along with Nissin's. These appear to be for domestic shipping only, so you may want to look at Amazon or Japan Trend Shop if that doesn't help.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.