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5 Amazing Vegan and Vegetarian Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

Where to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Ramen in Tokyo

Vegan options used to be few and far between in Tokyo. But naïve cooks thinking that fish stock doesn’t really count as an animal product are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as Japan catches on to the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism.

Tokyo especially is a cosmopolitan city ready to embrace and cater for all different walks of life. Not just foreign imports, Japanese dishes are also becoming more available and tourists who visit Japan are clambering to sample the classic comfort food, ramen.

Kyushu Jangara Vegan Ramen - Harajuku

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Kyushu Jangara’s specialty is Hakata style, Tonkotsu ramen which originated in Fukuoka. But, Kyushu Jangara have carved out another market for themselves by offering a vegan alternative to their famed ramen. The hearty dish has ramen noodles, tofu and various vegetables swimming in a rich soy-sauce based broth. It’s also customisable, you can pay extra for more vegetables or an egg if you’re okay with it being vegetarian rather than vegan.

Price: 1000 yen (charged more for extra toppings)

Address: Address: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 1-13-21

Afuri - Various

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This stylish chain has branches all over Tokyo which should come in handy for vegan tourists exploring the capital. Their ramen is the most colourful of the bunch, decorated with seasonal vegetables and very photogenic. The light broth is perfect for summer and unlike ramen's usual oily aftermath, you actually feel healthier after eating it.

Price: About 1500 yen

Address: Various branches, list found on Afuri website

T’s TanTan - Tokyo Station

A shop for vegans and vegetarians who aren’t content with just one item on the menu (which is a perfectly reasonable complaint), everything in the shop is vegan. Their specialty is flavourful Chinese style tantanmen. You can even get a side of soy karaage (fried chicken). There is a catch though, the store is inside Tokyo station. Literally inside through the ticket gates so unless you’re already travelling through Tokyo station, you’ll have to buy a train ticket to get to the ramen.

Price: Under 1000 yen

Address: 100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Marunouchi 1-9-1 (Tokyo Station inside Yaesu South Gate, Keiyo Street)

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka - Shinjuku

Everything in this ramen joint is halal making it Muslim friendly as well as vegetarian friendly. Their veggie-packed vegan ramen comes in all sizes from small to extra large, if you’re looking for delicious animal product free ramen in Shinjuku, this is the place.

Price: 1200 yen for regular size ramen

Address: 160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinjuku 1-11-7

Chabuzen - Shimokitazawa

The thrift store filled, hipster approved area of Shimokitazawa is the perfect setting for the cosy, home-cooked atmosphere of Chabuzen. Everything on the menu is vegan, including side dishes such as gyoza and karaage. Each dish is made with love in the tiny venue's open kitchen.

Price: About 1200 yen

Address: 155-0033 Tokyo, Setagaya, Daita 6-16-20

By - Jess.