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Dinosaur Treats Inside Japan’s Jurassic World Cafe

To commemorate the release of the new movie, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, the Guest Cafe in Ikebukuro's Parco have gone full prehistoric. For a limited time only they're serving up a range of themed mains, desserts and special drinks that celebrate the iconic series.

Inside Tokyo's Jurassic World Cafe

The Jurassic World Cafe have used ingenious and creative ways to give usual dishes a dino twist. The mains include a charred looking hamburger, a fiery volcano curry and a 'powerful wild plate'.

For dessert, you can become a paleontologist yourself with the 'fossil excavation cake'. Volcanoes seem to play a big role here, making another appearance in pudding form.

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Or you can look down in horror at your egg cake as a beady eye and tiny claw poke through the shell.

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It's take out only, but they also offer these comical looking dinosaur head cakes.

The drink menu boasts cafe lattes with a latte art illustration of a prehistoric behemoth of your choice.

There's even a soda which recreates the famous scene of the mosasaurus jumping out of the water.

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In an ode to the pesky amber that started all this deadly nonsense, you can also grab an amber jelly green tea white chocolate smoothie. Tastes like playing God.

The atmosphere of the cafe leaves nothing to be desired, the Jurassic Park theme song is played on loop, various dinosaurs frozen mid-prowl decorate the interior and an abundance of foliage means that your head will be brushed by leaves as you dig in to your food.

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There's also an adjacent gift shop and photo spots. With this amount of detail put in, the Jurassic World Cafe should leave any dino fan en-raptor-ed!

You can find all menu options and prices on the Jurassic World Cafe website.

By - Jess.