In Japan’s food capital, an extra carby challenge awaits. The Gyoza Dog.

Gyoza are a type of pan fried dumplings, commonly known as pot stickers in English.

I thought that wantonly putting anything on a sandwich was a British thing (i.e. pies, crisps), but it turns out Japan are just as game when it comes to carb on carb action. A bread roll filled with yakisoba noodles is a convenience store staple.

Gyoza chain Osaka Osho’s main store on Dotonbori are now using bread rolls as a new, inventive way to serve their namesake dish.

The ‘plain’ option is 8 gyoza in a bread roll, nestled on some lettuce and covered in cheese. It’s surprising to label an adventurous item like this plain, but that’s because Osaka Osho are just getting started.

If you want to get even more intense, there’s the Dotonbori and cheese (the Dotonbori is yakisoba noodles), the Dotonbori and wasabi, and the wasabi and cheese. All of these are 1000 yen each and come packed with 6 gyoza.

If you’re not ready to jump straight into a full on gyoza dog there’s a ‘half’ option for 600 yen with 3 gyoza inside and yakisoba.

If you want to dive right in though, there’s the king size gyoza dog. It has all the fillings and a satisfying 9 gyoza for 2000 yen.

Possibly not the most picturesque of treats, but when it comes to oversized eats to make your friends back home jealous, the Instagrammableness jumps out. But don't think you can find it at just any branch of Osaka Osho, the Gyoza Dog is limited to their main Dotonbori store in Osaka to celebrate its renewal.

Address: 542-0076 Osaka, Osaka, Chuo, Dotonbori 1-6-13

By - Jess.