Whether you call them dumplings or pot-stickers, gyoza are a foodie fan favorite in Japan. True gyoza fanatics will be happy to enjoy a plate of them on their own, in combination with a hearty bowl of ramen, or sample the country's best at the annual gyoza festival in Tokyo.

No matter how tasty they are, for mother of three and children's literature author Rinako Shibano (@shibaringon), whipping up a batch of gyoza that satisfies the appetites of her kids (especially her two sons, who are big eaters) can be an ordeal.

Tasked with making a huge gyoza dinner for her kids, Shibano suddenly noticed a tool in her kitchen that would make the process so much easier, and is being hailed as a timesaving dumpling lifehack online:

Source: @shibaringon

Source: @shibaringon

"It can be a pain to make gyoza for two boys with growing appetites because of the amount you have to make. But suddenly I noticed a squeezable pastry bag, and tried packing it with gyoza stuffing.

1. Line up your gyoza skins.

2. Squeeze out your stuffing.

3. Pack em up all at once!

When I tried that, I easily made 150 gyoza in no time at all! Isn't this the greatest invention of the century?"

The so simple it's obviously timesaving method exploded quickly after being shared on Twitter to a tune of 190,000 likes, with many expressing their appreciation for it with comments like "this is groundbreaking! I'm going to copy it," "Gyoza lovers will love this," and "It's genius."

While it may mostly come in handy for large serving of gyoza, you can surely alter the stuffing amount or use smaller pastry bags to whip up a mouthwatering batch in no time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.