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Get Mileage on Your Anime T-Shirt At New Anime Song DJ Party in Akihabara

Do you have plans to visit Akihabara this weekend?

If so, you may want to check out a completely new DJ party concept having its first run this coming Sunday afternoon.

Anikura: Anime Song DJ Events

Over the past decade, a genre of DJ event called anikura (from the words anisong and club) has matured in Japan and even made significant inroads abroad. In its purest form, anikura events feature DJs only playing original or remixes of anime songs, but the genre has also come to encompass music from games, Vocaloid, idols, sometimes even dempa and chiptunes, either in original format or remixes with house, drum & bass, and any number of other club music genres while a VJ displays clips from anime, games, or original graphic designs.

Anikura fans in Japan have a growing number of venues to choose from, both indoors like the famous club MOGRA in Akihabara which just celebrated its 9th birthday last weekend, and outdoors such as the large-scale anisong and dance music DJ event Re:animation, where our readers may remember Japan's cutest anisong DJ Touko Nakamura performed last month. There are even anime song DJ parties specifically for foreigners to enjoy, such as AniSphere in MOGRA.

Anime Print T-Shirts

While not a requirement, many anikura party-goers like to show their love of their favorite anime characters or series by proudly wearing anime print T-shirts. If you're an anime fan, you probably have at least one anime print T-shirt too. But you may be a bit shy to wear it, even if you're in Akihabara.

Thankfully, this Sunday, you'll have the perfect opportunity to dust off that T-shirt AND have a blast at a whole new anikura party with some of the best DJs in the genre.

Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas

Akihabara Entas is a new event space on the 5th Floor of the Onoden Electric Appliance Store, just a stone's throw away from JR's Akihabara Station and literally one of the first things you'll see when you head for the main avenue Chuo Dori after making a left turn from the Electric Town exit.

On Sunday, September 2nd, at 6pm, show up with an anime print T-shirt, parka or sweatshirt and you'll get in for 2,500 JPY, which includes a free drink for the whole evening. Even if you don't have anything, you can get in for 3,500 JPY. Even better, you can buy a T-shirt on the spot, thanks to anime goods brand COSPA which will have a selection of T-shirts for sale printed with the most popular series. If you buy at least 3,000 JPY in merchandise at the door, you'll get in to the party for only 500 JPY more, whether you wear it or not. (The staff at the entrance will judge whether or not your T-shirt qualifies)

Once you get in, you'll be in for a treat with event organizer and Re:animation resident DJ Goto Osama at the helm, along with a team of veteran DJs such as WAN, Uinyan and DJ Shawty (aka DJ Hitomi) who have experience both in Japan and abroad, spinning your favorite anisongs all night long.

How To Enjoy

According to the party's announcement and sign-up page, a party centered on anime print T-shirts opens up new possibilities:

  • You'll probably bump into someone wearing the same T-shirt or a T-shirt from the same series. When you do, that will be an instant conversation starter. Even if you don't speak Japanese, you'll surely get along!
  • The DJs will be checking the anime represented on the T-shirts in the crowd and will change their playlist accordingly so you'll definitely have a chance to hear the song from your favorite anime, and of course, at full volume!
  • When the DJ plays someone else's song, you can clap and cheer them on! They'll do the same for you!
  • There'll be a mic with an MC so, if you're comfortable with it, you may get called up during sets to talk about your T-shirt and why you like the character/series it represents.


  • Event: Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas
  • Place: Akihabara Entas, 5th Floor, Onoden Bldg., 1 Chome-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021
  • Date and Time: Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 2018, from 6pm
  • Charge: 500 JPY (w/1 drink) with purchase of at least 3,000 JPY merch at door, 2,500 JPY (w/1 drink) if you come wearing an anime T-shirt, 3,500 JPY (w/1D) if you don't.
  • Restrictions: Must be 20 to enter, no outside food or drink allowed.
  • Announcement and Sign-Up Page: Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas (sign-up requires a Twitter account).
  • Twitter: Chara Tee Party

By - Ben K.