Domino's Pizza Japan likes to keep customers on their toes with sometimes monstrous creations like a pizza with over two pounds of cheese, and even a proposed reindeer pizza delivery service. This time they seem to be tapping into the anime market with a pizza sure to catch every otaku's attention with a pie with more than meets the eye--the Tsundere Pizza!

"Tsundere" is a Japanese word that refers to a character type found in anime, manga, video games, and just about every genre of otaku entertainment that is initially cold and hostile, but slowly develops to reveal kinder and softer side. The term is derived from the "tsun tsun" meaning to reject due to being upset or disgusted, and "dere dere", or becoming lovey-dovey.

While there are endless examples of tsundere characters in fiction, illustrator, character designer, and concept artist Bach Do (@Dishwasher1910) provided the perfect one with some awesome and fitting Tsundere Pizza fan art upon discovering the menu item.

To recreate the nature of a tsundere character in a pizza, Dominos is topping as much of the the pie as possible with a triple layer of jalapenos (it has sausage and onions as well), which is supposed to represent a prickly and off-putting exterior, before giving way to a layer of extra cheese that Dominos says softens into a nice and mild flavor to represent the pizza's lovey-dovey side.

The tsundere pizza is actually part of Domino's Japan's not-so-secret "secret menu", which features a number of pizza with unusual toppings. The "secret menu" is slated to run until September 16th, but perhaps an extra push of orders from tsundere fans can make the pleasure-and-pain pizza a more regular offering.

By - Big Neko.