Fall is all about hearty, cosy food. Get ready to see a deluge of snacks and beverages in Japan based around pumpkin, sweet potato and chestnut flavours, among other autumnal treats.

This year Starbucks are looking to get fancy with their fall range which they’ve entitled Artful Autumn.

The first in the line-up is the Caramelly Pear Frappuccino, which is also available as a hot tea latte.

The second installment is the Crispy Sweet Potato Frappuccino and Crispy Sweet Potato Latte which is available iced or hot.

Sweet potato flavoured sweets and drinks may sound a bit strange at first but they’re not uncommon in Japan. What makes these Starbucks drinks stand out is the addition of imo-kenpi, a candied sweet potato snack which looks a bit like French fries, but are hard and sweet. The sprinkled kenpi pieces in the beverage is what gives it the crispy texture, adding an interesting element to the rich sweet potato taste and sweet cream.

The Caramelly Pear range is on sale now, while the Sweet Potato offerings will be coming on 13th September. Like the transient autumn leaves, they won't be staying for long either, the beverages are only available until the end of September.

By - Jess.