Starbucks Japan’s seasonal sweet potato offerings have become a classic autumn treat, and they up the ante every year with new and exciting ways to enjoy the staple fall vegetable in beverage form.

We’ve seen a ‘Crispy Sweet Potato’ version in 2018, and candied potato strips decorated the 2019 'Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino'. This year a whole syrup covered sweet potato, has been blended into the mix for the ‘Daigaku Imo Frappuccino’.

But for those looking for a less extravagant sweet potato beverage which can be easily picked up while on the weekly shop, or when popping into the convenience store, Starbucks Japan are also releasing a chilled cup drink perfect for Halloween.

The ‘Sweet Potato Latte’ is a coffee-based drink made into a creamy latte with a subtle and fragrant sweet potato flavour, one of the representative tastes of autumn in Japan. For the cup’s design, they went for a purple and orange Halloween-themed look.

Source: Starbucks Japan

So if you need a seasonally appropriate caffeine boost, this super cute and spooky design should make it easy to find the beverage in the chilled coffee sections of Japan’s convenience stores, where it will be stocked from 22nd September costing 200 yen.

By - Jess.