Recently McDonalds Japan’s McCafe delighted everyone’s tastebuds with a range of beverages made using Uji matcha, high quality green tea from Kyoto’s famous matcha producing town.

The traditional looking aesthetic of the advertising campaign also caught people’s eyes.

They’re adding to the line up with something a bit more fruity, the Strawberry Matcha Frappe. This time, McDonalds hoped to create a mix of both Japanese and Western tastes.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The sweet strawberries should counter the bitter green tea perfectly and satisfy any sweet-toothed matcha sceptics.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The frappe’s topping is a sweet strawberry whipped cream sprinkled with matcha powder. The frappe itself utilises Uji matcha and milk to form the base of the drink. A chunky strawberry sauce and even more strawberry cream await at the bottom of the beverage.

The Strawberry Matcha Frappe will only be sold at McDonalds branches with a McCafe and will cost 490 yen for a medium and 530 for a large. They’ll hit the cafes from 10th October until the middle of November.

By - Jess.