When it comes to traditional Japanese tastes, matcha has become an iconic flavour. The green tea has inspired countless variations including desserts, drinks and even savoury items like curry and noodles. Even companies from overseas such as Starbucks and McDonalds are keen to get their Japanese branches in on the trend and have released countless matcha products to appeal to the green tea lovers among us.

For the beginning of the autumn season, McDonalds Japan have announced a limited time only range of green tea beverages. The draw of this particular line up is that the matcha used is from Kyoto’s Uji region. Kyoto Uji matcha is regarded as a superior quality green tea due to its rich taste and bright green colour.

McDonalds previously had an Uji green tea range of beverages grace their McCafe, but this time they boast that the amount in each drink has been upped, ensuring an even richer matcha experience.

First up is the Brown Sugar and Soybean Flour Matcha Frappe. Topped with whipped cream, brown sugar syrup sourced from Okinawa, and fragrant soybean flour. Some super soft shirotama (mochi balls) have been perched on top too to add a bit of bite to the creamy beverage. This special Japanese sweets inspired concoction will be bumped off the menu come mid-October, so indulge while you can!

Source: McDonalds Japan

But if you miss out, the other matcha drinks will be available until the middle of November. The Matcha Latte Frappe has plenty of that rich matcha powder to counter mild taste of the milk. The whipped cream and powder on top beautify the icy beverage as well as make it a bit more luxurious.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The matcha latte has both an iced and a hot version, perfect for the changeable autumn weather.

Source: McDonalds Japan

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By - Jess.