The BT21 Cafe is coming back to Japan with a revamped menu representing each of the 8 adorable characters. The temporary eateries will appear in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

BT21 is the result of a collaboration between messaging app LINE and South Korean boyband BTS, one character was designed by each of the seven members and another character, representing the group’s fans, finished the lineup. The cafe will also have brand new merchandise on sale for superfans to pick up.

It seems that since the cafe is coming to Nagoya for the first time, their menu will not be the new one, but the menu that appeared in Tokyo and Osaka last time.

BT21 Cafe Food Menu

Cooky Hamburger (1,790 yen)

Koya Lasagna (1,690 yen)

RJ Coconut Red Curry (1,590 yen)

Tata Hot Sandwich (1,590 yen)

BT21 Cafe Dessert Menu

Chimmy Yellow Pancake (1,590 yen)

Shooky Affogato (1,390 yen)

Mang Parfait (1,490 yen)

Van Marshmallow Dessert Sandwich (1,490 yen)

BT21 Cafe Drink Menu

RJ - Orange soda

Chimmy - Mango milk

Cooky - Strawberry calpis soda

Tata - Blue curacao and cranberry soda

Koya - Ramune

Shooky - Cafe latte

Mang - Kyoho grape calpis soda

Van - Clear cocoa soda

All 890 yen each

(All prices are not including tax)

How to Reserve at BT21 Cafe Japan

Booking a table can only be done online and it costs 650 yen not including tax. This fee can be paid online or at a convenience store.

After choosing the city, you must choose the date and time slot you want and select how many people it’s for. A table is for up to four people. You put your reservation in the cart, and it's necessary to create an account to complete the check out.

You can’t reserve a place just to go to the character merchandise area, each customer must order at least one dish (not just a drink).

The Nagoya café is open currently until 11th November 2018. The Osaka one is 1st November to 2nd December 2018. The Tokyo pop-up has the longest run from 1st November to 14th January 2019.

Reserve a table here on the Box Cafe website (Japanese only)

By - Jess.