Instagram pet celebrities aren’t exactly thin on the ground in Japan, and shiba inu, arguably the country’s favourite national breed, are among the most popular.

Some are known for their stubborn habit of lying on the ground mid-walk and others gained fans for perfecting sexy poses.

One famous twosome is Nana and Rin, a white shiba inu mum and daughter duo.

Generally the followers of the Instagram account enjoy photos of the fluffy antics just for calming and healing purposes after a stressful day, but one photo convinced Japanese Instagram that Nana is actually the cutest English teacher they’ve ever had.

By holding her tongue out in that way, she looks like she’s demonstrating how to pronounce the English ‘th’ sound.

This sound doesn’t exist in Japanese, so students of the English language find it particularly hard to say.

Some of the comments under the photo written in Japanese celebrated their new found understanding.

'Amazing! As expected of Nana-tan.'

'I see~ Kind of like lightly biting your tongue right? Professor Nana-tan~'

'I’ll practice!'

'I unders-th-and!'

When you’re sick of studying, it’s nice to see some motivation like this. Even cute dogs are cheering you on to learn foreign languages!

By - Jess.