Sports and pop-culture writer Bill Simmons once coined the term "Tyson Zone"--a special level reached by a select few of infamous celebrities and athletes, and refers to the idea that you would believe anything you heard about that person, no matter how bizarre it might sound. While they may not measure up quite to that level, we are pretty sure that Instagram accounts and Japanese food toppings are in the running for most bizarre things you would believe without a second thought.

So of course, both being involved in the same strange concept should come as no surprise. Celebrities in Ramen is an Instagram account that...well, we'll let these two pictures do the talking.

Yep, as the Instagram account explains in its only line of text, "It's some celebrities. In ramen."

Sounds like there will be no further explanation needed, so just let yourself sink into this bowl of bizarre, even if you find yourself feeling guilty about how tasty a bowl of Brett Favre noodles looks.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.