(by The Sankei Shimbun via JAPAN Forward)

A 10-meter-high light installation in the shape of a large tree sits at the center of the square. As you look around, your senses will be hit by more than 20,000 rose-shaped LED lights, forming a beautiful garden.

Photo by © Mizuki Okada | © JAPAN Forward

The light installation at Oi Racecourse Tokyo Mega Illumination in Shinagawa, Tokyo, was renewed in January, and it is attracting plenty of attention from Japanese and foreign visitors alike. The new section — appropriately called the Mega Tree Garden — is complemented by 3D project mapping on the surrounding buildings. The images projected show the contrast of nature versus the urban city and represent the change of seasons.

Photo by © Mizuki Okada | © JAPAN Forward

Motoo Marumaru, the event’s producer who calls himself a “night scenery critic,” explained the concept...

By - Ben K.