The Kirby Café opened in Tokyo Skytree town to the delight of the round, pink hero’s many fans. The menu consisted of a range of awesome dishes, incorporating many characters and motifs from the video game.


Sadly, we were informed it wasn’t to last. But thanks to Kirby’s legions of loyal fans, it was decided that the café could go for another round, and this calls for a brand new revamp of the menu! These new items will be added to the cafe's existing line-up.

Kirby Cafe Food Menu

Coffee Curry and Whispy's Farm Vegetable Curry

Kirby Inhaling Hot Dog with Cheese Sauce

Kirby's Warming Soup Pasta and Cheese Toast

Kirby Cafe Dessert Menu

Chef Kawasaki's Whimsical Frying Pan Parfait

Maxim Tomato Full Recovery Plate

Kirby Cafe Drink Menu

Friends Heart Cocktail

The current run of the cafe will continue until 17th of February (see previous article for menu). The cafe will be renewed, meaning new decorations, and reopened with the extra menu items from 27th February.

Address: Tokyo, Sumida, Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town, Solamachi 4F

Kirby Cafe Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.