Matcha or hojicha based parfaits combining tea flavors with ice cream, sometimes fruits and traditional confectionery elements seem to be available everywhere you turn in Japan these days. Nowhere is the competition to offer popular parfaits fiercer than in Kyoto, where tea production and inbound tourism combine.

Saryo Tsujiri 茶寮都路里, which means "Tsujiri Tea Salon," which offers beautiful seasonal sweets, as we have already seen, has found a clever way to beat the competition. Rather than padding their menu with pages and pages of parfaits, they probably realized that they could never account for every single preference of their increasingly diverse customer base.

Order-Made Parfait

Only available in February, Saryo Tsujiri's "Order-Made Parfait" costs 1,301 JPY

Several varieties of flavored whipped cream, baked sweets toppings, shiratama balls (dumplings made with glutinous rice flour), jelly cubes, ice creams, sherbets and syrups are available.

You'll be presented with an ordering menu for your to choose eight items from the abovementioned ingredients to layer in your parfait as you wish, creating the perfect parfait creation!

Shop Details

  • Japanese name: 茶寮都路里 祇園本店
  • English name: Saryo Tsujiri Gion Main Shop
  • Japanese address: 京都市東山区祇園町南側573-3 祇園辻利本店2階・3階
  • English address: 2-3F Gion Tsujiri Honten 573-3 Gionmachi Minamigawa Higashiyama-ku Kyoto
  • Store hours: 10:00-22:00 (L.O. weekdays 21:00 | weekends, holidays 20:30)
  • Tel: 075-561-2257


By - Ben K.