What’s better than starting the morning off with a stack of delicious pancakes?

Starting the morning with a stack of delicious matcha green tea pancakes.


Source: Showa Sangyo

Hitting stores in Japan on March 1st is the glorious pancake mix by Showa Sangyo called the “Wa Hotcake Mix,” wa referring to Japan or Japanese style.

One box contains two 150 gram packets of pancake mix, as well as separately packaged matcha syrups made of Uji matcha. Uji matcha is a high-end brand of Japanese green tea, expensive and only harvested in small amounts. Nothing screams “extravagance” as much as adding it to your morning plate of fluffy pancakes.

The pack of syrup can be used in two ways — it can either be mixed into the pancake mix in advance, giving your pancakes the elegant aroma of matcha and a light green color. Or, it can be drizzled onto the cooked pancakes, in which case you’ll get a stronger taste of matcha. No one said you have to choose, though, so feel free to use them both ways for the ultimate kick of green tea.

Showa Sangyo reassures future consumers that the pancakes will remain soft even after they’re no longer fresh out of the cooking pan, and also recommends topping them with whipped cream or anko (sweet red beans). We think adding ice cream sounds pretty delicious too.

Wa Hotcake Mix will be sold for 400 yen (3.57 USD) per box, each box containing enough ingredients to make approximately 8 pancakes.

Who knows, they might be incredible enough to convert non-breakfast-eaters into starting their days off with the sweet taste of matcha green tea pancakes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.