Located in the beautiful prefecture of Nara, Japan, T┼Źdai-ji (Eastern Great Temple) is celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to the Great Buddha Hall that holds the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha, known as the Daibutsu. No trip to Nara is complete without visiting the awesome site (as well as encountering the famously hungry deer), and while many travelers take home a Great Buddha souvenir to remember their trip by, now you can get your hands on one that's as practical as it is stylish.

Nara-based stationery and other assorted goods shop coto mono is selling a simple but cute "Big Buddha Clip" paperclip that will put a protective and perhaps even holy clamp on all your important files.

The laser printed visage of The Great Buddha graces this paper clip, which first gained popularity at the 2018 Bungu-joshi festival (an event displaying and retailing interesting stationery designs). Once it was noticed that this style of paperclip had a striking resemblance to the shape of the Daibutsu's head and shoulders, it seemed like natural next step to celebrate Nara's famed attraction with the Daibutsu Paperclip, which can comfortably clamp 100 sheets of paper.

You can find the Daibutsu paperclip at both coto mono's Nara-based store and online shop (currently available for reservation--stock supplies may vary due to high demand), however international shipping is not available. Furthermore, those in attendance for the Bungu-joshi petit Osaka event can also seek out the clips there.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.