While known for a variety of services ranging from niche to super convenient, Japan definitely isn't exactly lacking in quirky services provided by "humans for hire" rental businesses. In the past we've seen rental services for muscular escorts who carry you around like a princess and shirtless macho men who rip apart leftover items from your ex to help you get over a bad breakup.

National Geographic recently took a look at one of Japan's most specific ones in Ikemeso--a retanl service that allows you to rent a hot guy to wipe away your tears.

The service, called Ikemeso, combines the Japanese words ikemen (hot guy, handsome man) with mesomeso (crying, sobbing), and the name speaks for itself. Attractive men are dispatched are dispatched to your company, where they show you movie clips of heart-wrenching scenes (terminally ill dogs, loved ones tragically passing away, etc.), and then proceed to console and comfort those crying and dry their tears.

Each hot guy for rent (available from a menu of types-- such as "little brother", "bad boy", "kind dentist", "intellectual", and even "warrior") is certified by the Zenbei kanrui kyokai (National Tearjerk Association) with a license in therapeutic crying. The leading thought behind the delivery service is that tears held back via societal restraints in Japan, as well as restrictive work environments can lead to a refreshing impetus for more open communication--perhaps breaking down barriers in the workplace.

As the National Geographic clip shows, the men themselves also cry, and even entertain you and your weeping coworkers once the tears have dried with whatever particular talent they may have. It's specifically designed for the workplace as opposed to private or at home use, the idea being that letting out a good cry--and seeing a typically "strong and cool" guy discard social taboos and cry as well--being a vehicle to release stress and get a new start. The service is priced at 7,900 yen ($71.58 USD).

By - Big Neko.