Japanese tea is gaining more and more popularity overseas. High quality, distinctive tastes, health benefits and an intriguing traditional tea culture have all worked together to pique the interests of tea enthusiasts the world over.

Jumping on this trend is Krispy Kreme, the doughnut chain which is never shy about getting creative with their Japan exclusive products. Previously they’ve given us various seasonal creations from spooky Halloween doughnuts to auspicious New Year treats.

They have announced three brand new products that combine Japanese ingredients with the Western doughnut, they’ve called the limited time only range ‘Wacha’, meaning ‘Japanese tea’. Making use of not just the ubiquitous matcha, other less well known types of green tea have also been utilitised so we can sample even more of Japan’s tea offerings in doughnut form.

Uji Matcha Cream and Strawberry has a matcha doughnut base covered in matcha cream and white chocolate drizzle. The striking bright matcha green is accented with pink from dried strawberries and strawberry chocolate curls sprinkled on top, the sweet tart flavour offsetting the green tea’s bitterness.

The Citrus Green Tea Ring also uses an Uji matcha doughnut base but does something completely different with it. The coating is made from milky white chocolate, lemon and yuzu. Uji matcha chocolate is artistically drizzled on top.

The fragrant Hojicha Old Fashioned matches a houjicha (roasted green tea) base with white chocolate and roasted almonds for a cosy, toasty taste.

The Uji Matcha Old Fashioned isn’t new or limited time only, but Krispy Kreme wanted to remind us it exists while we’re on this green tea binge.

Some brand new tea-based beverages are also on the limited time only menu. The Uji Matcha Lemonade and the Krispy Frozen Hojicha and Brown Rice Latte should pair perfectly with any doughnut choice.

The Wacha doughnuts will be available in Krispy Kreme branches in Japan from 17th April to middle of May, while the drinks stick around a bit longer until the middle of June.

By - Jess.