Miniature photographers create amazing tiny worlds in incredible detail.

Often the protagonists of these mini dioramas are tiny figures or dolls, but surely the cutest possible inhabitants for little worlds are small animals!

With the growing popularity of these 'minatures', a studio has appeared in Yokohama, Japan, where you can try it out for yourself. At Minature Studio, you can rent out a studio for a set time with a ready-made scene. Doll and figure enthusiasts can bring their inanimate models with them, but the studio is also open to owners of small pets. Hedgehogs, hamsters, reptiles and other diminutive friends are welcome.

The scenes include a typical Japanese style tatami living room.

What looks like a cobbled European street.

A classical style dollhouse.

And many more! Visitors are also free to use different props and arrange them as they wish. These charming set ups will allow everyone to become an instant animal photography Instagrammer.

It's the first studio of its type in Japan, and to celebrate their year anniversary they are offering a 2000 yen discount to new customers.

Check out their website (Japanese only) for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.