Japan has a pleasant habit of injecting a dose of cuteness into just about everything, and that includes the simple act of sitting down for a nice refreshing drink. One such way is with cutesy cup clinger mascots who hug the side of your glass as you enjoy your beverage--although they aren't always so cute. Kitan Club's latest entry in their animal cup clinger series however, may be their cutest yet, as they are introducing a lineup of adorable Hedgehog buddies that cling to the side of your cup.

The latest in the PUTITTO Series of amusing cup decorations, which has featured pugs, hamsters, and Japanese tree frogs, consists of four different colored hedgehogs (including albino!) in cute poses as they sit perched on the edge of your glass or cup. Now you can quench your thirst as they struggle to get in (or out!) of your drink, or just appreciate the company of a prickly beverage companion with your afternoon tea.

Hey there, buddy!


Source: Kitan Club

Some even come with a little tomato snack.


Source: Kitan Club

Some look like they are running away.


Source: Kitan Club

But not doing a very good job at it.


Source: Kitan Club

Again with the tomato.


Source: Kitan Club

Don't mind me.


Source: Kitan Club

The albino!


Source: Kitan Club

'lil help?


Source: Kitan Club

Starting June 10th the hedgehog series will be available in capsule toy vending machines (Gatcha) around Japan for 300 yen ($2.78 USD) each, but those outside of Japan can try their luck on Amazon, where you can buy the entire pack for 2,500 yen ($23.19 USD) starting June 12th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.