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The Best Pet Cafes in Tokyo for Animal Lovers

Living in Tokyo, it’s hard to get a fix of the fluffy stuff. Pets are usually not allowed in apartments and hectic work schedules hold many prospective owners back.

That's probably why Tokyo is home to a plethora of animal cafes, ranging from cats to hedgehogs, dogs to owls, you can choose from a whole host of adorable creatures to get up close and personal with.

If you’re from a country that doesn’t have pet themed cafes it’s definitely something cool to try out while visiting Japan. For tourists, an animal cafe could be the perfect chill out time during a hectic sightseeing schedule.

Whether you like fluffy or feathered friends, Tokyo’s got you covered, and for the eternally stressed inhabitants of this metropolis, nothing beats the healing power of cute animals!

Dog Cafes in Tokyo

Dog Heart, Yoyogi

Right next to yoyogi park and just a short walk from Yoyogi Hachiman station is Dog Heart. Play with adorable dogs of several different breeds including toy poodles, beagles and one big fluffy golden retriever. You can even rent a dog for an hour to take for a walk.

Address: 2F 151-0063, Tokyo, Shibuya, Tomigaya 1-45-2 Y's Park Building 2F

Dog Heart Website

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Mame Shiba Inu Cafe, Harajuku

This cafe recently opened so prepare for a wait, especially given the location on the tourist-heavy Takeshita Street, Harajuku. Shiba inu have only become more and more popular in this age of the internet, since their hilarious antics often go viral. The cafe's four-legged hosts aren’t the full size doges that you’re used to, these are ‘mame’ (meaning bean) shiba inu, a smaller variety of the breed. Seeing shiba inu in Japan is high on any dog lovers list, so go for a frolic with these mini meme dogs.

Address: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 1-6-10 3F

Mameshiba Cafe Website

Cat Cafes in Tokyo

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Temari no Ouchi, Kichijoji

This cat cafe is not only full of cute kitties, but the fairytale décor will make you feel like you’re stepping into a story book. Kichijoji is also home to the Studio Ghibli museum and these two activities are a match made in heaven. While away some whimsical hours with a host of feline friends.

Address: 180-0004 Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji 2-13-14 Musashi Forum 3F

Temari no Ouchi Website

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Cat Cafe Mocha, Various

This chain is pretty tourist friendly considering branches can be found all over Tokyo. The stylish interior has plenty of perches and hiding places for the cats to feel comfortable as you enjoy a laid back time in their company.

Address: Various locations. Full list available in English on the Cat Cafe Mocha website.

Hedgehog Cafes in Tokyo

Chikuchiku Cafe, Harajuku

The concept of this hedgehog cafe isn’t just hedgehogs (which is a great standalone concept anyway). They take it one step further to... get this... hedgehogs in dollhouses. Genius! Each setting is different, dining rooms, classrooms, and more, so that patrons can watch the hedgehogs potter about like prickly little people.

Address: 150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, Shibuya 1-13-5 Daikyo Shibuya Building 2F

Chikuchiku Cafe Website

Bird Cafes in Tokyo

Akiba Fukurou, Akihabara

As nocturnal, usually wild creatures, the welfare of owls kept in a cafe will usually be a worry to any customers. But at Akiba Fukurou the birds’ welfare is paramount. They are handled by experts and only small groups can enter the cafe at a time with a reservation being necessary (this can be made on their website). The owl room has a relaxing atmosphere with white furnishings and classical music. You can stroke the owls and even have one perch on your arm.

Address: 101-0022 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda, Neribeicho 6-7

Akiba Fukurou Website

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Kotori Cafe, Omotesando

If you prefer smaller birds how about Kotori? The name literally means small bird. They have a range of pet birds in large cages for you to watch as you enjoy your food. Unlike the others on the list, there actually is an emphasis on the cafe part (probably since the birds cannot fly freely around) and they have a cute bird shaped desserts which should appeal to any ornithology enthusiast.

Address: 107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, Minami Aoyama 6-3-7

Kotori Cafe Omotesando Website

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