Sōzō Galleria 想造ガレリア, one of Bandai Spirits' premium series offered in partnership with Studio Ghibli, has already created several beautiful and intricately designed models from Laputa: Castle in the Sky, such as the the Flappter airship and three versions of the Robot Soldier. Sōzō Galleria's latest press release should now appease fans of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind who were feeling left out.

Möwe Glider with Nausicaä (Full Action Ver.)

This full action desktop figure of the iconic Möwe Glider with protagonist Nausicaä riding astride it is surely the best model to date officially sanctioned by Studio Ghibli. With movable flaps, LED lighting for the engine, and a poseable Nausicaä figure, you can recreate flying, take-off and landing scenes.


The model comes with the Möwe glider, Nausicaä figure (full action), a stand, rifle, cane, worm-flute, one Nausicaä head variation, six Nausicaä hand variations, and a battery.

Riding and Flying Poses

Whether it's Nausicaä standing on the wings controlling the Möwe in gliding mode or leading the Ohmu with her worm-flute, or whether she's in high-speed flight, her outstretched body held by the support harness, you can recreate all the Möwe glider scenes in the film.

Engine lighting

Blue LED lights add reality to the recreation of scenes when the engine powers the Möwe during take off or sudden acceleration.

Original expanded wing design

One of the surprising and exciting aspects of this model is the fact that it comprises a completely new and original design element neither featured in Miyazaki's film or his manga. Perhaps assuming a new flight mode for the Möwe, the wing can be pulled out, creating a more organic bird-like design with visible structural elements revealed between the separated wing parts. The color of the structure is gold, recalling the color of the Ohmu's tentacles. Using a mechanical gimmick, the wing can be expanded in a few simple steps to reveal this new form.


The first officially-approved articulated poseable Nausicaä figure, she stands 67 millimeters tall. You can not only reproduce her standing and flying poses on the Möwe, but also pose her bending on one knee as she takes aim with her rifle. From the extra ammo slot on her jacket, her ceramic knife, waist pouch and knee protectors, all details of her outfit and gear are faithfully reproduced. There are two heads, one standard, and one for riding the Möwe wearing a mask to shield her from the noxious effects of the Sea of Corruption.

Product Information

  • Name (EN): Sōzō Galleria Möwe Glider with Nausicaä (Full Action Ver.)
  • Name (JP): 想造ガレリア メーヴェ&ナウシカ[Full Action ver.]
  • Product Page: Bandai Premium
  • Price: 8,800 JPY (tax included, handling and shipping excluded)
  • Recommended ages: 15 and above
  • Size: Möwe wingspan 257 mm, Nausicaä height 67 mm
  • Materials: ABS, PETG, PVC
  • Sales Channels: Bandai Official Shopping Site Premium Bandai, Donguri Republic shops, Mitaka no Mori Ghibili Museum shop, etc.
  • Reservation period: April 25th until supplies last
  • Delivery period: October 2019
  • Maker: Bandai Co., Ltd.

Note: Bandai Premium only delivers to addresses within Japan, so you may need to use a forwarding service such as Tenso to have this delivered outside of Japan.

By - Ben K.