As the super popular anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) enters its final story arc, a couple of events for wannabe titan-slayers are on the horizon in Tokyo.

One of these is of course, a good old fashioned anime collaboration cafe. Taking place at the Tower Records cafe, it’s billed as a place where you can step into the world of Attack on Titan, with displays and a menu inspired by various characters and motifs from the series.

Attack on Titan Tokyo Cafe Menu

A lot of detail has gone into the exclusive AOT themed dishes, and it seems there's even some surprises on the table. These are just a few of the menu items.

Forest of Giant Trees Salad with Titan Garnish

Grilled chicken surrounded by a dense forest of broccoli.

Inside That Wall is…

Break down the ‘wall’ of this meat pie to reveal a surprise.

To the Ocean Beyond the Wall

Shell-shaped desserts symbolising the sweet freedom of the sea.

Ymir’s Sweet Plate

The chocolate illustration shows Ymir receiving the power of the titans.

Aside from the food there’s colourful non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu and even lattes with famous lines from the series written in the foam.

Customers will receive exclusive presents on a first come first served basis of a mini clear disc and a bookmark. There will also be souvenir goods available to buy.

Customers also have the option of a VR experience. For 600 yen, you too can know what it feels like to whizz through the air using vertical maneuvering equipment, and fight the titans for five minutes or so.

The cafe will be open from 21st June to 9th July 2019. Check the Tower Records site for the full menu and for information on how to reserve a table (from 8th June).

By - Jess.