If you're a bird-lover, and especially if you have a penchant for parakeets and Java sparrows, then these cute clips by Japanese interior goods and accessories retailer Felissimo will make you happy as a lark!

Produced by their Kotori-bu 小鳥部 division (literally, "small bird club"), these clips were the result of an audience survey of cutest bird poses. The end product was these two adorable clips in two sizes, suited for different practical purposes:

Java sparrow clip

This clip features an adorable image of a sleepy Java sparrow couple, a silver one and a white one.

Since it's a wide clip, it's perfect for memos, notebooks or sealing plastic or paper bags.

Parakeet clip

According to the survey results, the most popular bird pose was the "head-tilt," which certainly looks cute on this clip featuring a green parakeet (as it's called in the US), or budgerigar (as it's called in the rest of the world).

A smaller clip, it's perfect for holding individual sheets of paper or memos, or keeping headphone wires together. It also has a hole at the top for hanging on hooks or other useful applications.

Pricing and Availability

Here are the details and where you can buy them:

  • Java sparrow clip and parakeet clip (set of two): 1,300 JPY (1,400 JPY with tax)
  • Available from: Felissimo (domestic online shop)*

* Although they are not there now, these clips may eventually show up on Felissimo's international site.

By - Ben K.