No human can stash a bundle of food like a chipmunk can in its cheeks. Luckily, there’s a way to get a helping hand (pouch, if you will) from the little critters of the forest whenever you need extra space to store your precious snacks. Available from Felissimo, these resealable plastic chipmunk bags will expand their cheek pouches big and wide like a real life chipmunk.

Each pack comes with 10 bags, and can be purchased online for 648 yen (5.70 USD). 20cm wide, 15cm tall, and a bottom that expands up to 10.5cm wide, the bags will generously fit a variety of foods from sweet to savory, and the new creatures in your kitchen will thank you.

Even on days when your house is a bit of a mess, everyone will love seeing these charming chipmunks sitting on your countertops. Buy them here at Felissimo's online store!


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.