Atmoph Windows are digital windows that display beautifully filmed 4K videos and on-location recorded audio of scenic areas. The idea is for the gorgeously realistic setups to act as a portal to anywhere in the outside world you fantasize about visiting to be recreated as an interactive window installed wherever you live or work. Some of their specs include (quoted from their YouTube page):

- A smart window: 27-inch smart display in the shape of a window

- More than 1,000 views of the world in original 4K videos and sound

- Vibration speaker makes the display itself into a speaker

- Can see your room when you're away

- Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

- Changeable frames of your choice

An introductory YouTube video below will give you a good idea of how they operate and the many ways they can be enjoyed.

Now Atmoph Windows are adding a gorgeous display to their inventory, one that takes you back through time to early Japan with Edo Period digital window displays.

The unique window set goes back eras, before Japan's Meiji Restoration, to recreate the sights and sounds of Edo Period Japan, with the functioning world of an early Japan town from perhaps your favorite samurai film or period place to gaze upon as you lounge at home. Despite the awesome technology, Atmoph didn't travel back in time to the Edo Period to film these scenes--instead they traveled to Toei Kyoto Studio Park--a Kyoto-based active movie set and Edo Period-inspired theme park in Japan to recreate the early Japan atmosphere.

Take a break from working at your computer to observe an old Japanese village riverside.

The Edo Period Japanese village sets are available from Atmoph Window from Atmoph's download store, although they obviously require an Atmoph Window unit.

By - Big Neko.