As Osaka readies itself for the G20 Summit this weekend, international attention is once again focused on the third largest city in Japan.

For those who have yet to visit, Osaka is a must-see destination when you travel to Japan, not only for its food and entertainment but also for the friendliness of the people and its rich cultural heritage. If you need any more convincing, we strongly recommend a new video by Tokyo-based cinematographer Christoph Gelep.

Called "Osaka Power," the video, despite being only three and a half minutes long, conveys the energy of the city and may even inspire you to visit.

Osaka Power

As stated in the video description, Osaka is "on one hand a thriving, eclectic example of modern day Japan. On the other, a place very much still living in the past. Dated or new, young or old, the loud and carefree spirit of Osaka remains rooted deep within."

Osaka Power from Christoph Gelep on Vimeo.

Director, DP, Editor | Christoph Gelep
Producer, Coordinator, B Camera | Bug Barnes

Makeup and Vanity Set - Great Leader Has Fallen
SPIN MASTER A-1 - 二天一流狼
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Skyhigh Crew

The Mint Skateboarding crew; Taro Sakai, Danny Knight, Issei Mori, Kingo Matsumura, Tomokazu Wura

Special thanks: augment5 Inc.

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Christoph Gelep

A cinematographer and camera operator based in Tokyo, Christoph Gelep has eight years of industry experience. Starting out as a camera assistant on high-end BBC Dramas, TV commercials and independent feature films in the UK, he now works for a number of regular clients in Japan and internationally, shooting commercial, narrative, travel, corporate and documentary projects.

His videos Hello Tokyo and Letters from the Gods (about Kyushu and shot after the Kumamoto earthquake) were both chosen by Vimeo as a Staff Picks.

To see more of his work, please visit his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here.

By - Ben K.