If you’re worried about the ill-effects drinking copious amounts of bubble tea may have on your system, this is the perfect tea shop for you.

Juice & Tea Bar Origami is a trendy little establishment located in Minami Azabu, Tokyo. The décor is heavily inspired by traditional Japanese design and even the logo is an origami crane.

Their menu items have been created with health in mind, specializing in ‘beauty bubble tea’. They have drinks containing locally produced fruit, and even one which contains 500 billion lactic acid bacteria like those found in probiotics.

The latest addition to their menu is being marketed as ‘drinkable sun block’. ‘Chocolate Banana Tapioca’ has a crushed chocolate topping containing 86% cacao on top of a comforting banana milk flavoured drink.

Thanks to being grown under intense UV rays in hot climates, cacao is a rich source of polyphenols making it an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Because of this, the 'Chocolate Banana Tapioca' bubble tea is said to aid in sun burn prevention and promote beautiful skin, keeping UV ray-inflicted redness at bay. According to Origami, the high amount of cacao used can even have anti-aging properties.

As promising as this all sounds, the blistering summer of Japan dictates that this drinkable sun block should probably be used in conjunction with actual sunblock. But we won’t turn down some extra help in blocking those harmful rays, especially when the 'sun block' looks as tasty as this!

Juice & Tea Bar Origami website

By - Jess.