Domino's Pizza Japan has never shied away from unusual and adventurous pizza topics. In the past couple of years, they've served up Halloween Ghost Pepper sauce, 1 kilogram of cheese, and even tsundere pizzas.

Now their latest release appears to have definitely set the bar for off-the-beaten-path toppings. Domino's is now offering a new boba pizza, covered in tapioca pearls found in bubble tea.

It's called the "At last tapioca pizza!) (ima sara tapioca pizza), which is Domino's joking that they've arrived late to the party on Japan's bubble tea boom that included a boba theme park and boba beer.

While it may be a bit jarring for some, Domino's themselves describes the pizza as a treat for boba lovers, saying "black tapioca pearls, baked to a juicy chewiness, on top of a thick layer of mozzarella cheese makes for one hearty pizza!" The pizza also comes with a packet of maple sauce.

The pizza was released on April 20th, and will be available for a limited time as supplies last. As you can see, people have been quick to order it already. Closer inspection shows that the tapioca pearls are embedded right in the cheese.

By - Big Neko.