The Alley, a Taiwanese bubble tea chain, has been a popular staple of Tokyo’s boba scene since its signature deer insignia landed in the city a few years ago. Now there's branches all over Japan, bringing tapioca goodness to bubble tea fans across the country.

One of the stand’s most famous menu options is the ‘bonsai’ tea, which comes covered in a layer of crumbled chocolate cookie and a leafy mint garnish to give the look of Japan’s famous mini-arboriculture.

For the end of the year, this popular beverage is getting a very Japanese revamp thanks to some green tea magic. The new drinks are inspired by ‘Japanese Modern’ style, incorporating matcha (powdered green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea) as new flavour options.

The tea lattes combine the tea with a creamy milk base to create the aesthetically satisfying gradient and tapioca pearls sit at the bottom.

Each drink comes in either hot, mild hot, or cold and there's just one size costing 600 yen. Sadly, for green tea enthusiasts, the duo will only be on the menu from 26th December until 13th January 2021. Take a look at The Alley's website for a full menu and store list!

By - Jess.