Osaka's reputation as the Japanese food capital stems from its delicious street food, and king among that may be the region's soul food--takoyaki. Sometimes translated as "octopus balls", takoyaki can be a bit too rich a sell for unadventurous eaters. Fortunately, takoyaki isn't quite what it sounds like, and is actually a quite popular dish better described as puffy dumplings of grilled octopus slathered in savory sauce, mayonnaise, and topped with green laver and bonito.

While takoyaki love is thriving to the point that we've seen takoyaki cocktails and takoyaki popcorn released, we never imagined a huggy takoyaki pillow being released. Popular takoyaki chain restaurant Gindaco is doing that by giving customers a chance at winning their very own takoyaki huggy buddy pillow.

Customers who purchase a set of 8 takoyaki from Gindaco stores can become eligible to win their very own takoyaki huggy pillow by following the official Gindaco Twitter account, and tweeting a picture of their purchase with the hashtag #銀だこグッズ2019 during the month of August.

If you've ever dreamed of cuddling up to a giant serving of takoyaki, now's your chance.

By - Big Neko.