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Summers can get uncomfortably hot and humid in Tokyo. You could escape to an island or to the north, but that's probably not an option for people living and working in Tokyo. It’s also unhelpful advice to most travelers who have no plans of straying too far outside of the city.

This is where the swimming pool option comes in – an urban oasis designed to offer a refreshing respite in the middle of the concrete jungle. Most countries with near constant hot weather have a vibrant urban swimming pool culture, with many options, easily accessible and well-maintained pools. However, in Japan it gets a little bit more difficult to find a perfect swimming pool due to more limited options and limited time of year that outdoor swimming pools are open.

We picked some outdoor swimming pools that can cover every need – both swanky hotel rooftop swimming pools and kid-friendly swimming pools with a more amusement park vibe. There should be something to fit your needs.

1. ANA InterContinental Tokyo – Rooftop Pool & Night Pool Parties

This elegant hotel not only has one of the best open swimming pools, it also has views of the nearby Tokyo Tower to enjoy! Swimming in the middle of skyscrapers, but still above it, is a unique feeling that only these kind of urban rooftop pools have. The ANA InterContinental Tokyo pool is open both to staying and non-staying guests, so you can always go there just to use the pool.

An extra reason to give ANA InterContinental Tokyo a visit are their evening pool parties called MUMM Beach Club DJ Party Night in collaboration with the MUMM Champagne brand every Thursday and Friday. This is a rare opportunity in Tokyo, as pool parties are scarce. It is also a rare opportunity for Instagramers to get some nice shots, as photos are usually not allowed at other pools in Tokyo.

Dates and times vary through the summer, and the pool is open from 29 June 2019-8 September 2019. From 29 June to 19 July it opens from 8 am to 8 pm, and at the second half of the summer hours extend – from 7 am to 10 pm. The Party Night is always from 7 pm to 9 pm, and it will only be pause during the Obon holidays on August 15-16.

Entrance fees also vary depending on time of day, as prices drop after 6pm, but increase on weekends. Check the hotel’s website for details and discounts like Lady’s Day (every Monday and Tuesday). Entrance fee includes the use of other amenities like towels, showers, cosmetics, etc.

Things to note:
– This pool allows entrance with covered tattoos, so ask for covering.
– Families should know that children from 6 years old to 17 year old teenagers must have adult supervision, while children under 6 can only use the children’s pool.

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2. Yomiuri Land WAI Waterpark – Friendly Fun & Games


【直線スライダー・スラロームスライダー】 ◇スラロームスライダー【無料】 全長107m、最大勾配11度。スライダーならではのカーブの変化が魅力。ランドドッグ浮輪(1人用)で滑れます。 ※ご利用制限:身長110cm以上 ※2人利用の場合は2人とも10歳以上であることが条件となります ◇直線スライダー【無料】 全長41.5m、最大勾配28度。スピードとスリルが売りの本格派スライダー。 ※ご利用制限:身長110cm以上  1人利用のみ [Linear Water Slide / Slalom Water Slide] Slalom Water Slide [free] Total length is 107m, maximum slope is 11 degrees. The unique curvature of the slide adds to the fun! You can slide down on a float (for one person). ※ Usage restrictions: height 110cm or more ※ In the case of 2 people use, both need to be 10 years old or more Linear Water Slide 【Free】 Total length 41.5 m, maximum slope is 28 degrees. You can slide down very fast on this straight slide! ※ Usage restriction: Height 110cm or more, one person at a time only. #よみうりランド #プール #プールWAI #水泳 #Yomiuriland #夏 #東京 #Tokyo #ナイトプール #Japan #amusementpark #ファミリー #家族 #遊園地 #休日 #週末 #小旅行 #女子旅 #観光 #観光スポット #観光地 #instagood #インスタ映えスポット #trip #よみぷー #よみプー #夏休み #最高の夏 #フォトコンテスト

よみうりランド【公式】さん(@yomiuriland)がシェアした投稿 -

Yomiuri Land is a popular amusement park all year round, and Yomiuri Land WAI is the area that is a godsend in summer! As expected from an amusement park, Yomiuri Land WAI is a perfect fit for children and families, as well as anyone inclined to fun water activities. WAI of course has a classic pool, but to live up to its amusement park popularity it also has a swimming pool with sweeping waves adding up to the excitement. They also have the all-popular water slides and a lot of them – there are many ways to splash into a pool it seems. There are also cartoon character themed pools like the AnpanMan pool. Every summer there are new limited time activities, so no visit to WAI is ever boring. With all the different pools and activities, and of course restaurants, you can spend the whole day here without having to leave the premises.

Hours vary, the pools being open later on Sundays and holidays, and there are special pool nights. Check the official calendar here.

Price Range: the most expensive is the 6 000 yen all-inclusive all day pass (polls + unlimited amusement park rides), or less depending on your age and time of entrance, and use of the facilities.

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3. Meguro Citizens Center Gymnasium Pool – a Public Pool for Everyone



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On the cheaper side, one of the rare outdoor public pools is the Meguro Citizens Center Gymnasium Pool. It is open to anyone outside the ward too, and for a mere 200 yen per hour for adults, one can splash in the 50 metre outdoor pool for 2 hours, and every extra hour will add 150 yen to that bill. Small children have a separate children’s pool for 100 yen per 2 hours, 70 yen per every hour beyond that.

Open only in summer from July 1st to September 10th, the pool is open from 10 am to 8 pm, whereas the children’s pool closes at 5pm. But older children accompanied by an adult can use the big pool until later.

Website (Japanese)

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General Pool Rules and Tips in Japan

  • Most pools are NOT tattoo-friendly. Check in advance if they at least allow covered tattoos.
  • Many of the public swimming pools require a swimming cap. If you dislike them, be careful to check in advance. Hotels are probably more relaxed about swimwear.
  • Check for the photo policy. Many open and public pools ban any kind of photos, selfies etc. However, night pool parties are usually very OK with photos.
  • Wash up before entering the pool. Just like at the onsen, it is an expected common courtesy.
  • Check if the pool allows children and what’s the minimum age.
  • Check the food and drinks policy. Most pools don’t allow drinking any alcohol, and some restrict bringing in your own drinks and food.

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