Hakuba is known for being a ski haven in Japan. But for those who can’t decide between an action-packed winter sports holiday and a relaxing beach holiday, this Hakuba resort may have the solution.

Soon, those hitting the slopes hard all day will be able to get all the benefits of a chilled out beach vacation too, as a ‘beach resort’ has opened in an unexpected place. On top of a mountain.

For now ‘Hakuba Mountain Beach’ resort is open until 27th October, but there are plans to have another opening in the winter, that should coincide with the skiing season which tends to start in Hakuba in late November.

There’s no place better to sun bathe than 1400m above sea level, and the resort has plenty of sun loungers to help you catch the rays, as well as various pools, hot tubs and saunas. In fact, the resort boasts over fifty different types of activities to appeal to a range of people, including couples, families and groups of friends.

Even the gondolas are fitted out as saunas, but sadly they don’t actually move. The gondola exterior is a cheeky decorative nod to the odd location rather than functional transport. But the saunas inside are fully operational and you can sweat it out while enjoying the views of Yatsugatake (a group of inactive volcanoes) and Mount Asama.

Plenty of fancy eateries and bars have also set up shop on the ‘resort’, including Ice Monster, the famous Taiwanese shaved ice chain, and restaurants where you can sample Hakuba’s delicious local fare.

Judging by the photos on the official Instagram, it does look a lot like a beach resort if you ignore the lack of an actual beach. But the lush mountain view makes up for the absence of sand, offering a unique experience for your next ski trip!

The resort can be accessed by gondola lift from Happo, check their website for up to date information on access and opening dates and times.

By - Jess.