Every few months on the Japanese corner of Twitter, you can find a certain group of people expressing their struggles accompanied by a hashtag and famous works of art. In the past these have included students abroad in foreign countries and beleaguered salarymen, but now Japanese homemakers are joining in on the venting with their own hashtag--#名画で学ぶ主婦業 ("Learning the work of homemakers with famous paintings").

The Tweet that started it off actually came in May of last year (publications of books with the Tweets and comments have since revitalized the hashtag) with one Japanese mother saying "I found a letter saying 'Please prepare a bento for your child on Monday next week, as the school will not provide lunch that day,` on that very same day in my son's backpack." The Tweet uses the famous painting "The Death of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David, depicting assassinated French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat.

Since then, many have used the hashtag to comically and dramatically mash up famous artwork with their everyday happenings such as troubles with kids, scolding their husband, or even the small moments of bliss they find after a hard day of looking after the household. Here's just a few highlights from Twitter.

"This weekend, as I lie in bed with a fever, a shadow approaches me silently...then it whispers in my ear `What's for lunch?'"

"My husband won't wake up even after his working hours have started, so I came to wake him up with brute force."

"When I hear the sound of the laundry machine being done and I think I have to hang it up to dry soon."

"When I forget to set the rice cooker timer."

"When the children are quiet, it usually means they're up to no good!"

"Pick up all your toys!"

"I don't waaaaaaaaannnnna take a bath I wanna play moooooooooreee!"

"What the hell did you do to break this umbrella?"

"My decision to warm up my body in a bath after the whole family has used it."

"Me, when after 30 minutes of trying, I thought I had succeeded in putting the baby to sleep, only for him to wake up when an election campaign car blared "We will support child-rearing households!!" from its speakers."

"This curry has lasted for three days...kinda funky, I wonder if I can still serve it..."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.