As the sakura season in Japan winds down, fans of these beautiful cherry blossoms are reminded of their bittersweet nature and the specific reason they are so appreciated in Japanese culture. Sakura don't last long, but for as long as they are in full bloom they are captivating and gorgeous. However, Japanese people take special appreciation in the fleeting nature of sakura, as they represent the pathos of things, and perhaps a metaphor for how the beauty of life burns brightly before being gracefully extinguished. Nonetheless, sakura remain a sight to behold even in their parting moments, proving that they are a fall in grace rather than a fall from it. These pictures and video that capture a beautiful and adorable final moment of the sakura season illustrate that point with a cute twist!

The above photo of fallen cherry blossoms elegantly coating the river along Kyoto's Philosopher's Walk (哲学の道, tetsugaku no michi) was shared by @takuyama_3. It's quickly made its rounds around the internet and become a picturesque reminder that the allure of sakura continues even as the peak of the season dies down. However, it was takuyama_3's adorable cherry on top that stole the show: this lone duck gracefully swimming through a now sakura-covered river.

The duck sure doesn't seem to mind, and perhaps might even find the new bed of sakura lacing his daily path to be a nice change of scenery. If anything, it's a good example of how the sakura season remains a charming visual sensation up until the very end--and can even produce adorable moments like this!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.