Imagine you're trying to make a game by yourself or as an independent software developer with a shoestring budget and you need some illustrated characters, or imagine you need some anime style faces to create visuals for advertising or marketing purposes, or imagine you're simply looking for a unique icon for your social media account. Sai-chan can help.

Sai-chan will draw for you

Sai is the name of a new AI tool on Radius5 Inc.'s "Cre8tiveAI" platform, and it is specifically designed to draw face illustrations.

Raduis5 has built its own neural network through Deep Learning technology, and used it to teach Sai to generate illustrations. Just like a human illustrator, Sai learns through looking at images, capturing elements such as eyes, hair, and other features of illustrations. As a result, Sai can produce entirely new illustrations, not a combination of parts.

Sai can generate face illustrations in manga or other art styles according to users' preferences through a simple UI operation.

Following suggestions on the screen, Sai can narrow down the choices to arrive at the ideal face illustration the user is looking for.

As you can see below, Sai is able to create subtle variations between two images, so users can find the exact one which suits their preference:

In addition, anyone is free to download 15 original face illustrations created by Sai every month. For example, here are two of the ones currently available:

Usage Fees

In the entry plan, illustrations can be purchased on per-image basis without a subscription and with no monthly subscription fee, payable by credit card. Other plans are available for those who intend generating and downloading images from Sai more frequently.

You can check out Sai and put her to work right now if you visit the website here. If you want to download an image you created, it's just 240 yen.

By - Ben K.