You'll hear the word "unique" used a lot to describe things in Japan, many of which will make you question whether or not people truly understand the meaning of that word. The complexity of Tokyo's character as a metropolis, however, is not one of those things. One second you can be stepping off a train, packed like a can of sardines, into the fast moving human express lane of the Shibuya's famous crosswalk, and the very next second find yourself slipping through time to the under-the-tracks back-alley drinking stalls of Omoide-Yokocho (Memory Lane), a spot that appears untouched since the wake of World War II.

Shin Nakamise Sho-Tengai in Asakusa

While we've seen a multitude of artists explore Tokyo, perhaps no series better captures the depth and Chameleon-like changing colors of character than this stunning series of 100 illustrations of Tokyo by Shinji Tsuchimochi. With a soothing and charming aesthetic that reminds us of Tekkon Kinkreet, Tsuchimoto, a graduate of Tama Art University (who you might remember for this awesome Mad Max graduation ceremony), presents a Tokyo that seems as if is unfolding in our dreams, but somehow still faithful to the eccentric and colorful nature of the real deal.

Take a moment to enjoy this artistic journey that shows the many faces of Tokyo, called Tokyo 100 Views. Whether you are a happy victim of the street spells Tokyo casts, or a total stranger to it, there's sure to be something you enjoy.

Blooming sakura in Ueno Toshogu park

The lush greenery of Nezu Jinja

Waiting for a train by Hijiri Bridge

Donzoko, frequented in the past by Akira Kurosawa and Yukio Mishima

Grab a drink and brush elbows with the locals at Rashomon in Shinbashi

The maze-like alleys of "Sankaku Chitai" in Sangenjaya will take you anywhere

A classic Japanese bar in Mozen-naka-cho

Summertime means fireworks, and Komagata Bridge is a great place to watcht hem

Tsuikiji Fish market--always so inviting

Hibiya park is a great place to get the full taste of Autumn

The great temple of Zozoji is our favorite view of Tokyo Tower

Niimi, a must for those interested in authentic Japanese cutlery and utensils

Nezu Jinja with a bit more color

Uogashi Yokocho market for some early-morning shopping

Tokyo Tower at night

Although a work in progress, Tokyo 100 Views is a fantastic way to appreciate the experience that is Tokyo. Combining nostalgic charm with the sensation of living through something for the very first time, the series feels like watching an animated motion picture--perhaps the blended result of an artist who looks up to Van Gogh and ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige. Although these pictures were just a sample, you can view the many more breathtaking pieces at Tsuchimochi's Behance and Facebook.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.