Momo and the Grudge Girls

Although most of the world may only know about Momo through the Momo's Challenge viral hoax, her origins are in a sculpture made by Keisuke Aiso, founder and artist for Japanese special effects production company LINK FACTORY.

Based on the tale of the child-snatching Japanese monster ubume 姑獲鳥, "Momo" made her first appearance in 2016 in an exhibition called Yūrei Garō III 幽霊画廊Ⅲ (Ghost Gallery III) at Vanilla Gallery (who are known for fetish and underground artwork).

In fact, Momo has many other "sisters" at Link Factory, making up a whole cast of sculptures representing ghastly girls and vengeful spirits called the 怨念ガールズコレクション (Grudge Girls Collection), which made its debut in an interactive haunted house style exhibition called "Grudge Girls Apartment" in 2015 and then again at the Sadistic Circus event in September of the same year. A visit to the Grudge Girls Collection page on Link Factory's website provides a thorough introduction (some images are not safe for work).

"LINK FACTORY presents The Grudge Girls Revolution" Exhibition

Courtesy of © Vanilla Gallery

Whether they manifest themselves in a park late at night, appear in the middle of an empty tunnel or lurk in a blood-splattered hotel room, Grudge Girls are at times cute and girly, at times cool and sexy, but always hold a grudge.

Now, they're back at Vanilla Gallery for a new exhibition called LINK FACTORY presents 怨念ガールズレボリューション ("LINK FACTORY present Grudge Girls Revolution") from September 13th to 29th, 2019.

Come and experience this "Grudge Girls Museum" and meet these scariest of girls who embody bleeding-edge grudge from the street.

Here are some of the Grudge Girls you will see at this interactive exhibition (suggested titles are our own):

"Webbed Girl"

Courtesy of © Vanilla Gallery

"Noose Girl"

Courtesy of © Vanilla Gallery

"Two-Bodied Girl"

Courtesy of © Vanilla Gallery

"Snake Girl"

Courtesy of © Vanilla Gallery

As for Momo, as you can tell from this video posted by cosplayer, kigurumi doller and monster lover Yuzuko on her Twitter account, she's back in kawaii attire with a body that really rocks!

Exhibition Details

  • Name: "LINK FACTORY presents The Grudge Girls Revolution"
  • Dates: September 13th to 29th, 2019
  • Times: Weekdays 15:00 to 19:00, Weekends 13:00 to 19:00 (to 16:30 on the 29th)
  • Admission: 1,600 JPY (+100 JPY ticket processing fee)
  • Tickets: Advance ticketing through exhibition website
  • Notes: No same-day admission. Only ticket-holders will be admitted. Please arrive 10 minutes before your reserved time. You will not be admitted if you are late. This exhibition is not recommended for children under middle school age, persons who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are otherwise in weak health. No photography allowed.

By - Ben K.