Florida-based artist Emily Coleman is a clay sculptor with a passion for the conservation of the environment, and she has blended this passion with her unique artistry for eight years to help protect the world's forests in her own creative way. In her popular series "The Arbori," Coleman creates sculptures of Arbori, which she describes as "fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes that blend in with the various landscapes of the planet."

Coleman's original Arbori are her guardians of the forest, which she shares were inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki. They're conceived in the form of tree dragons, and her first creation "The Forest Spirit" (now known as "The Summer Dragon"), became so popular that it prompted an entire series of original tree dragon clay sculptures.

All of her works are molded, cast, and hand painted by the artist herself. The Miyazaki-inspired Arbori sculptures can be purchased on Coleman's website along with her other works.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.