During your trip to Kyoto, if you'd like to feast on chicken skewers, known in Japan as yakitori, you have many options to choose from. However, if you want the best, then you're probably not going to wrong with "Kazu." After merely one year of existence, this Kyoto establishment has already earned the distinction of being the only yakitori restaurant in Kyoto to have received Michelin's coveted "Bib Gourmand" in the latest 2020 Michelin Guide Tokyo.

Kazu: The One for Yakitori in Kyoto

"Kazu," 一 which means "one" in Japanese (the full name is Kyoto Yakitori Kazu 京都 焼き鳥 一) may be a relative newcomer in Kyoto, but Chef Iikawa has already earned his reputation in a restaurant in Tokyo's posh Ginza neighborhood where he nabbed the "Big Gourmand" for two consecutive years.

Commitment to quality

Listen to the sizzling sounds, let the fragrance of pine charcoals roasting under the grill fill your nose, and enjoy the spectacle of succulent skewers carefully and masterfully grilled to perfection in front of your eyes.

Rare cuts and delicacies

In addition to more standard yakitori fare, you'll also be able to try rare cuts such as soriresu ソリレス (chicken oysters), aka あか (the inner thigh), tōgarashi とうがらし (dense thigh muscle as it narrows to the knee), and perhaps for the brave, ちょうちん chōchin (Fallopian tube and ovary). The menu also features unusual delicacies made with seasonal ingredients.

Sip sake with your skewers

Whether it's sake or shochu, Kazu has a regularly rotating collection of fine brews which go perfectly with yakitori. They're also proud of their selection of wines by the glass.

A hidden gem with a relaxing atmosphere

The counter is spacious, with 20 seats to accommodate guests. You'll be able to escape from the din of the city, relax, unwind and enjoy a good time in Kazu with it's simple and laid-back atmosphere.


  • Name (JP): 京都 焼き鳥 一
  • Name (EN): Kyoto Yakitori Kazu
  • Closed: Wednesdays
  • Address (JP): 京都市中京区四条室町菊水鉾町585 1F
  • Address (EN): 1F 585 Kikusuibokocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
  • Telephone: 075-253-6666
  • Reservations: Kazu's page on Ikkyu

By - Ben K.