Many of us get misty eyed at the mere mention of Hachiko, an incredibly loyal Akita dog who patiently waited for his owner to return from work, unaware that he had passed away. The story has made its way out of Japan and popularized throughout the world, with the film "Hachi: A Dog’s Tale" starring Richard Gere and the "Jurassic Bark" episode of Futurama. Hachiko is now immortalized as a statue used as a popular meeting point just outside Shibuya station and even a dog poop mascot.

Fortunately, the Shibuya City Tourism Association is giving us an all new delicious (so not poop mascot related) way to remember Japan's famous loyal dog. Starting November 1st, visitors to Shibuya will be able to buy milk chocolate souvenirs modeled after Hachiko.

With a tale as iconic as Hachiko's, the finely detailed chocolate recreation of Shibuya's landmark dog are sure to be a popular souvenir for travelers to Tokyo from both within Japan and around the world. While the actual box features illustrations of Hachiko and the scenery found at the famous Shibuya scramble crosswalk, the packaging illustrations were designed by students in Shibuya with disabilities, and profits will go toward support of those with disabilities in the area.

1,200 yen boxes of Hachiko chocolate will first be available at the November 1st opening of highly anticipated Shibuya Scramble Square Shibuya Sky observation deck.

By - Big Neko.