The 65th anniversary of Japan's iconic kaiju has resulted in quite a few commemorative releases this year, including Japanese cup sake with labels inspired by Godzilla and other kaiju, and even a vintage Godzilla sukajan jacket with protruding spikes!

Bandai Namco's entertainment center Mazaria has now decided to jump in on the King of the Monster's birthday bash, dubbing November 3rd "Godzilla Day", and releasing a number of Godzilla goods to be sold starting November 2nd (November 3rd is an actual holiday, Culture Day, in Japan). While they are all certain to please kaiju fans, the highlight appears to a meal worthy of the King of the Monsters: Godzilla tail noodles!

Manzaria will be serving up a special of Godzilla Heat Ray Black Sesame Tantanmen (Dandan noodles, a Szechuan spicy noodle dish.) To recreate Godzilla's aesthetic, it features purple noodles, a dark black sesame broth, and long eggplant as his tail--and a layer of spicy chili oil to represent Godzilla's destructive breath.

Godzilla fans can pair it with a recovered sample of the scaly kaiju with the Godzilla "Sample" fried chicken--a serving of smoked chicken, then fried with bamboo charcoal to achieve the darkened effect.

A retro styled shirt based off of the VR game playable at the center is also available, if you can still fit into it after your fried chicken and ramen.

Those headed to the Osaka location can find exclusive mugs and pass holders.

The ramen, fried chicken, and t-shirt can all be had at the Tokyo location, with access information below.


Address: 3-1, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 3F


By - Big Neko.