600 cookies (each half the size of a standard sheet of paper)

40 muffins

600 bread slices

200 cream puffs

420 leaf shaped pies

250 tarts

108 waffles

200 bagels

600 dice-cut cookies

1,000 marzipan sweets

2,000 chocolate roses

That list might sound like a permanent cure for your sweet tooth or the ultimate spending spree at a bakery, but it's actually the delicious blueprint of the giant boat made of sweets handcrafted by the culinary students at the newly opened Noda Kamada Gakuen vocational high school in Yokohama, Japan! The massive sweets ship clocks in at 5 meters in length and 2 meters in height, with an impressive amount of detail in design, scale, and baking skills that shows off the talents of the students.

The ship features surprisingly towering sails made from chocolate, decorated with a banner of pandas and seals (made from marshmallows, of course) nestled into a fruit parfait. With a breaded steering wheel, a mound of colorful donuts resembling a Christmas tree, and a giant colorful cake on the bow, it's quite easy to imagine this is a confectionery ship that would make Big Mom from One Piece jealous.

The recreation of a treasure chest filled with shining pearls? Glittery madeleine cakes, of course!

Each and every part of the ship, including the hundred of bear cookies with unique expressions, was handmade by the students. Noda Kamada Gakuen boasts both a prestigious IT and culinary major, and the hard work of their cooking students was evident as every single piece of the ship demanded large parts to bake, and then artistically apply.

Icing of each and every individual cookie was difficult, but students wrote messages to make the ship a celebration of not only the school but their memories there.

So why build a giant boat made of sweets? Well, the ship was unveiled as dedicated effort by the first year culinary students to be the centerpiece of a ceremony for the 80th year anniversary of the newly opened school's parent organization, and has set sail as the school representative not only in the upcoming "Sweets Koshien" (a nationwide contest of artistic confectionery) but the school's own festival, which was held on November 3rd.

To learn more about Noda Kamada Gakuen, check out their website to learn more about their progam!

By - Big Neko.

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