If you’ve ever gone for a quick trip to a Japanese convenience store for something to drink, these shelves dedicated to drink packs might have already caught your eye.

Photo by Jen Santelices

Although they might look like it, they’re really not your everyday juice drink. These are jelly drinks, and you’re likely to find them in supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores no matter where you are in Japan. They range in colors and uses, from replenishing your body with things like proteins, vitamins or electrolytes, to giving you a 10-second energy recharge to get you through the day.

These jelly drinks are often consumed by the busy working people of Japan for a quick vitamin or energy boost on-the-go. With Japanese confectionery company Morinaga’s new introduction to their “in Jelly” products however, there’ll be a new type of customer for these drinks: gamers and sports lovers.

These new jelly drinks were released by the company to coincide with Amazon Japan’s Cyber Monday sale that happened on December 6 to December 9, 2019, and they come in two forms. One is targeted at people who enjoy sports, and the other is targeted at gamers or e-sports players, with the aim of giving them a “boost” and replenishing their energy.

The orange version of the drink is the “in Jelly Sports Booster”, which markets itself towards people who lead an active lifestyle that enjoy activities like running, cycling or mountaineering, and the flavor is based off of energy drinks. It has BCAA, a group of amino acids that’s said to help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise, Vitamin B which can help improve your mood, and caffeine for the extra energy.

The other option is called “in Jelly Game Booster”, and is blueberry flavored. The drink contains GABA, a chemical that is said to enhance thinking and task performance, which might help with focusing on the games, and Vitamin A that can help with retaining good vision for long gaming sessions in front of a monitor.

If you want to give the drinks a try and see if they really do give you that boost you need, they can be bought only through Amazon Japan. They come in boxes with six packs inside, and you can check them out through the links below.

By - Jen Laforteza.