As many gamers know, the holiday season mostly consists of a steady diet of curling up with a blanket and rendering yourself immobile with the latest titles you were able to get your hands on. Fortunately, Japanese furniture brand Bauhutte has your back with a gaming onsie they are calling a "wearable blanket"--fully equipped with holes for headphones, controller access, and yes--even it's own toilet system.

The "4G for Gamers" is highly reminiscent of BIBILAB's Dame-gi, another all in one wearable blanket specifically designed for those who want to live lazy as conveniently and comfortable as possible without ever removing their pajamas. Bahutte is marketing the onsie as an ultimate combination of warmth and ease of use for gamers with a number of features.

The For Gamers Onesie has perfectly placed holes to access all your gaming devices

And one very important hole for a very important device

Soft fleece fabric that traps heat but is loose around the waist and billowy for mobility

Of course, your don't actually need to play games--just be lazy

The lazy gaming outfit is available in three sizes from Bauhutte, but it's also being sold on Amazon Japan.

By - Big Neko.